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Cut 325 – Maxpharm


MaxPharm’s Canadian Anabolic Relief Mix is a pharmaceutical product at a competitive price! The bottle of 10 ml. contains:

25 mg.Stanozolol,
75mg. Trenbolone acetate,
100mg. Methenolone enanthate and
125 mg. Drostanolone propionate dissolved in sesame oil.

Bodybuilders in the United States and Europe prefer it to all other anabolics for muscle mass and pre-race training.


MaxPharm’s Canadian mix is ​​a blend of several very effective ingredients for clearing fat and muscle relief. In a multi-dose bottle of 10 ml. and a concentration of 325 mg in 1 ml. This anabolic stack is for everyone who is looking for an effective tool for pre-race training and prefers high quality. Bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters appreciate the qualities of MaxPharm’s Cut Mix 325.


Action: Cut mix 325 is a unique formula of 4 active substances, which in combination achieve a striking synergistic effect. This product is for everyone who wants to “cut” pre-race without having to follow a strict diet. The aperture of 4 steroid esters is the best combination for clearing fat and achieving flawlessly relief muscles. An added benefit is the convenience of injecting only once a week, adhering to a protein diet and regular exercise. MaxPharm’s Cut 325 is an anabolic stack for extreme results without an alternative!


Dosage: We recommend taking Cut Mix not to exceed 2 ml. per week. If you withdraw the mixture from the vial with the syringe for one dose, refine to 0.9 ml. the amount withdrawn.


Side effect: Due to its potency, Cut Mix is ​​recommended for advanced bodybuilders and professionals. We do not recommend using Canadian Cut Mix for more than 12 weeks.


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