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Anavar Maxpharm


Canadian Anavar by MaxPharm (Oxandrolone) with pharmaceutical quality, at a competitive price! The package contains 60 tablets in a concentration of 10 mg. oxandrolone.

Anavar provides a strong surge of energy and strength, does not contain water and does not flavor. The advantage of Canadian anavar is a competitive price for phenomenal results.


Manufacturer: MaxPharm, Canada
Packaging: 60 tablets x 10mg
Pharmaceutical name: Oxandrolone

General information about Anavar / MaxPharm

Canadian Anavar by MaxPharm with active substance Oxandrolone with uncompromising quality, at a competitive price!

Anavar is used in sports as a drug to increase lean muscle mass and strength. Builds relief and firm muscles of good quality. Anavar is a weakly androgenic, 17-alpha alkylene anabolic steroid with low toxicity. Due to its ability to suppress hunger, anavar has a positive, though not direct, effect on fat burning. Anavar is famous as one of the most harmless synthetic anabolics because it does not aromatize and does not cause gynecomastia.

Action and steroid regimens

You can take this Canadian anavar either alone or in combination with other steroids. The advantage of Anavar MaxPharm is that it increases muscle strength without increasing weight. It supports protein synthesis while providing a strong surge of energy. Due to these qualities, Anavar is preferred by many athletes during the clean-up period or in the last two months before a competition. Anavar MaxPharm is also used in cycles to increase muscle mass, but in these cases it is recommended to combine it with strong androgens such as Testovis (Testosterone propionate) and Dianabol (Methandienone).


We recommend taking Anavar MaxPharm 2-3 times a day for 1 tablet. Bodybuilders and bodybuilders take up to 1mg per 1kg. weight. It is important to know that anavar is better absorbed when taken immediately after a meal. This Canadian anavar does not aromatize in any doses and does not suppress its own testosterone production. As it is relatively hepatotoxic, it should not be taken for more than 3 to 4 consecutive months.