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MENT+ Tn Pharma


MENT + (Trestolone Acetate) TN-Pharma

Manufacturer: TN-Trusted Nutrients USA

Packaging: 10 ml vial (75mg)

Pharmaceutical name: Trestolone Acetate.

Known by the trade abbreviation MENT, a synthetic androgen derivative of nandrolone.

Short description:
The most powerful preparation for increasing muscle mass.


MENT + with active substance Trestolone acetate is the strongest known steroid in the world, ever created, the latest generation of scientific developments in the field of anabolic steroids. It can only be compared to the potency of the oral steroid Anadrol or oxymetholone. But unlike it, injectable trestolone does not have this significant effect on the liver. Trestolone is a 19-Nor derivative of nandrolone or the known deca, but with a 7-alpha-methyl molecule attached to it. It is quite similar to trenbolone, but surpasses it in androgenicity and strength. Keep in mind that this steroid increases estrogen levels tremendously, so be careful with water retention, bloating and high blood pressure while taking strong antiestrogens such as anastrozole or letrozole.

Trestolone acetate has been proven to increase growth hormone and IGF levels, eliminate libido problems and give you beastly strength and mass – achievements of the variety of 20-25 kg. weight gain is quite possible for a cycle with trestolone.

The standard dose of MENT is 20 to 50 mg. daily, every day if it is in oral form or distributed 3 times a week if it is in injectable form. Cycles should not exceed 8-10 weeks, and the combination with a testosterone mix of esters is the perfect combination for the most powerful cycle you have ever imagined.


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