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Primobolan – Maxpharm


MaxPharm’s Methenolone enanthate, known as Primobol or Primobolan Depot, is of pharmaceutical quality at a competitive price! Highly anabolic and weakly androgenic,

Primo is an excellent choice in pre-race training.

Canadian primobol does not aromatize, is not hepatotoxic and does not pose a risk to your health.


MaxPharm methenolone or simply “Primo” is the ideal choice for all serious athletes for decades. Primobol has not lost its reputation as one of the most reliable and safe anabolic stimulants. It is highly anabolic and very low androgenic, making it an excellent choice in pre-race training. It is also considered suitable for female athletes. Primobolan does not aromatize and is not hepatotoxic, ie. does not endanger the liver.


Action and steroid regimens: Muscle development with Canadian Methenolone is gradual, of exceptionally good quality. Experienced athletes take Primobolan to regulate catabolic metabolism during steroid breaks.

Methenolone can be combined effectively with all steroids depending on the purpose:

In pre-race preparation we recommend the combination with Winstrol (Stanozolol) and Trenbolone A (Trenbolone acetate).

The main steroid cycle is a good combination with Testosterone propionate, Dianabol (Methandrostanolone) or Oxymetholone. Those of you who want to gain muscle mass quickly can take Primobolan along with Sustanon 250 and Dianabol (Methandrostanolone).

Anyone who is patient or afraid of potential side effects can be satisfied with the combination of Primobol of 200 mg or 2 ml. weekly and Deca Durabolin from 200mg to 400mg. per week.

In our opinion, the combination between Methenolone and Winstrol (Stanozolol) is optimal.


Dosage: The optimal intake of Primobol varies from 2ml (200mg) to 4ml (400mg) per week. Advanced athletes can reach up to 800 mg. per week.


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