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Testogel Male 5%


Manufacturer: Maxpharm Canada
Contents: 100 ml Testosterone gel for men with a concentration of 5%

To increase testosterone levels in the body,
for local use.


Tostrex, also known as Androgel, is a testosterone gel for skin application by the American company Maxpharm Canada. It is used for low testosterone levels in men and women over 35. As a result, you enjoy increased tone, mood and energy. It is also used for weight loss and relief with local application.

General information about Testogel

Testogel Maxpharm Canada (Testosterone Gel) or Androgel from the Canadian company Maxpharm is an innovative product for topical, external use. Testogel is a revolutionary development and is used by both men and women over 35. Testogel is the solution to your unexplained complaints of insomnia and joint and muscle pain. As a result, you will enjoy increased tone, mood and energy. In 3 days you will forget about depression.

Action of Testogel (Testosterone gel): It is also used for targeted weight loss in certain areas. Areas of application: abdominal area, inner thighs, shoulders, upper arms (triceps). For local, external use. Tostrex effectively fights cellulite. The gel is easy to apply and absorbs quickly.


Testogel or Androgel is used daily from 40 mg to 80 mg or up to two pressures with the pump. It is recommended to apply in the morning, after the body is well dried after a shower with a towel. It is very important to wash your hands immediately with soap and water after application!


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