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Turinabol Maxpharm


MaxPharm’s Canadian Turinabol is a drug that combines the best of Dianabol and Anavar for maximum strength and endurance.

Does not retain water and does not aromatize.

At a competitive price!


Maxpharm’s Canadian Turinabol will surprise you with superb quality at a competitive price.

Turinabol is considered by many to be the best combination between Anavar and Dianabol. With Turinabol, gaining muscle mass will not be so dramatic, but it will be high quality.

Action: Turanabol can be classified as a derivative of Dianabol, but the altered structure leads to large differences in its characteristics and effect. Both steroids are 17-alpha alkylated by adding a carbon atom at the 17th position so that they can “survive” the first passage through the liver. This, of course, increases liver toxicity (hepatotoxicity). Oral Turanabol has much lower androgenic activity than Dianabol, but a better balance of anabolic versus androgenic effect. This provides more than the “hard” look that competing bodybuilders often call “quality” muscle. Turanabol lacks the puffy, fluffy appearance of Dianabol, and many athletes compare the effects of its use to that of Anavara. In fact, Turanabol differs from Dianabol only in the 4-chloro supplement. It is the 4-chloro substitution that makes Turanabol resistant to flavoring. This is extremely beneficial for the athletes who use it and one of the reasons why it is defined as “soft Dianabol”.


Dosage: We recommend taking 2 to 4 tablets daily from Canadian Turinabol. Overdose will pose a risk to the liver.